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Pietra Nera

2006-10-8 @ 2:48

Short (!) walk to the North, along the beginnings of the Cap Corse (Toga, Pietra Nera, etc.). Funny, as in Quebec, some people here cross out words in the other language on sign posts, in the case the name of the towns in French. The day didn’t start out too well: didn’t sleep too good (noise, late dinner with red wine, etc.), laryngitis, then allergies. And the first few kilometers north of Bastia are too urbanized.

Bord de mer

Maison en coin à Pietra Nera

Bord de mer à Pietra Nera

Église à Pietra Nera

Far more interesting is the Old Port neighbourhood

Vieux port de Bastia

Vieux port de Bastia

Bastia vue du port


and that of the Citadelle.

Les abords de la Citadelle

Escalier vers la Citadelle

Mur de la Citadelle

Église St-Jean-Baptiste vue de la Citadelle

Place de l'Église Ste-Marie

Mur de la Citadelle

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