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2006-10-7 @ 2:20

Pietrabungo seen from Bastia

Just came back from a four-hour walk in the little hamlets North-West of Bastia (Ville-di-Pietrabungo, Manganu, etc.) and now, I’m having a little snack at the first terrase I came across (the only problem here, is the bunch of Amercians at the near-by tables — the same as on the boat, I think). I’m tired, butin a good way; my legs are quite sores.

Abandoned house on the moutain side

Traditionnal building

Under a little bridge

The view from Pietrabungo

The trail to Manganu

Pietrabungo seen from Manganu

(19 h)

After a welcomed nap. I like Bastia, it’s calm — just what I needed, I’m not in the mood for a town bursting with energy: I don’t have enough! Finally, good thing I didn’t write down what I was planning to do the next day, yesterday: haven’t done any of it. Got up a bit late; no biggy, I’m not here to rush.

Couleur locale

(Note: this pizza crust is quite good; the smell brought me to this place!)I’m still too much in a planing mood: I’m already trying to fig out where I’ll be when. For once, I don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, I should enjoy it — especially since I spent more than a day doing just that, with all that travelling.

(Note: there’s something you don’t see in Quebec, someone going into a restorant a cigarette in his hand.)

2 comments to “Pietrabungo”

  1. Why are American’s always the annoying tourists.

    Never mind. I don’t think I want to know.


  2. Actually, in this case, it was mostly young obnoxious loud dudes and dudettes. They could have been from anywhere…

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