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spc with Chris

2006-09-12 @ 12:56

This picture was taken last year, at my haven in the Norh. The one sticking her tongue out is Christina, one of my dearest friend. We helped each other a lot through many dark days. We met as roommates, some years ago and it took some time before we became comfortable with each other (we both have a shy streak)

With Chris

Actually, this firendship was built quietly; we spent most of the first couple of years in front of the TV: that was our catalyst. We got to know each other in part by commenting (and bitching about) what we watched. It helped that we have similar taste and the many of the same cultural references (for instance, she’s the only person I know who remembers Jon-Erik Hexum and is reminded of that Boomtown Rats song everytime she hears about someone going postal).

Our relationship was so quiet that we didn’t notice how close we had become. But when tragedy stroke one of us, the other was right there on the frontline; that’s when we knew.

Two years ago, she became my lifeline. When Isabelle was hospitalized, when she died, Chris was the one who was always there. After her dad died, a few months later, we would call each other up once or twice a day just to say “I’m there.” We still still do it from time to time. We talk about all manner of things (from the ridiculous to the sublime, bt mostly ridiculous) just to hear the other’s voice, to know if thing are okay, or not.

She is also one of those friends that is not afraid to give you crap if you deserve it; something for which I’m always greatful.

There’s something else about that picture that gives it a special place: the one who took it. She is another very dear friend, one I thought I had loss, through my own fault, but who showed me recently that all is not lost.

I met her when I would go back to my old appartment (where Chris still lived) in an effort to regain some sense or normality. We got tho know each other through these dark days and grow close. We made mistakes, we’re now trying to mend things. She is one of those incredible people who have been a light through the grief.

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  1. She may have a shy streak but she obviously has a bit of childish fun in her. I love the description of the relationship built quietly. I do nothing quietly, but I envy people who can.

    I am glad that you both had each other during grief. That is so important.


    “Going Postal” is a phrase I haven’t used often enough.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. (Just returned from a wonderful week in the country).

    She has that childish fun in her all right (she got that from her dad, I just saw a picture of him doing the same thing, in his sixties), for example, she makes blown-glass flying pigs…

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