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2006-01-31 @ 9:02 » Français

Well, another New Year just went by (the Chinese one, this time). So let me wish you a Happy Year of the Dog (mine); I thought I’d also point out some of my discoveries of 4072 (year of the Rooster).

To begin with, I rediscovered independent american films. Despite Hollywood’s immense shadow, the american national cinema doesn’t have that much to be envious of other nation’s (except Quebec, of course). I already talked about Primer, Napoleon Dynamite and I ♥ Huckabees, I would add two Wes Anderson movies, Life Aquatic and Royal Tennenbaum.

I also had the opportunity to happily ??? Quebec cinema (with amongst other films, La Neuvaine et C.R.A.Z.Y.) and I intend to see all those I didn’t get around to.

Musicwise, and on a related note, I discovered the soundtracks of Wes Anderson movies, especially Rushmore et Life Aquatic (which has some good old Bowie songs in Portugese). Also, my muse recently introduced me to the music of Calexico and Iron & Wine.

The idiotbox held a few surprises for me (on DVD):
- MI5 (Spooks, in the original), a British espionnage series;
- Battlestar Galactica (the new series, more political than science fiction)
- Carnivàle a wierd story set in the Great Depression

Books : Ken Follett (Eye of the Needle, Pillars of the Earth) and Jane Austin (Pride and Prejudice: enjoyable social commentary and character study, once you get pass the fact that nothing much happens) come to mind.

Evasion: the wonderful little town of Saint-Michel-des-Saints.

There’s of course more…

What do you think?