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Creative problem solving

2006-08-25 @ 1:01

You know that question people never ask in an interview “What is your best quality/asset?” My answer is usually “creative problem solving” (e.g. I once build a talking tree suspended upside down to illustrate the evolution of Indo-European languages). Well, I’m talking yesterday to a friend of mine who also noticed this is one of her strengths, and she’s wondering how come, if we’re so good at finding creative solutions to various problems, at work and elsewhere, we can’t be bothered to find any for our own problems?

2 comments to “Creative problem solving”

  1. ha ha, good point. maybe it’s the whole being paid to find solutions thing.

    I just stopped over to let you know I posted on your suggested topic for Feminism Friday - prostitution and choice. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That, or not really caring about the solutions: you don’t get hurt if it goes bad when it isn’t that close.

    Thanks, I’ll tell you what I think.

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