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spc in a bottle

2006-08-14 @ 12:53

Me in a bottle

Seen through a bottle my friend Jeff made (with no photoshoping), part of his ladies series. Here’s what they look like:

Lady bottles

(I actually used a translucide one though.) It’s really a great series. What can I say, I know some kick-ass glass blowers. Pretty good teachers too.

But to go back to the picture itself, one could argue that as this is me seen in a lady bottle, the idea of womb is not too far; the primordial enclosed space…

4 comments to “spc in a bottle”

  1. Excellent photos. My great grandfather was a glass blower. A lost art to some degree these days.

  2. Cool self-portrait! And those bottles rock!

  3. Great shot, it looks like it would be an album cover for The Cure. Slap some lipstick on and you are good to go. Those bottles are amaizng. I have always wanted to learn to blow glass. Nice work.

  4. I was thinking I hadn’t seen a SPC from you in a little bit, so would check out your site today to see if there might be a new one. And look what awaits me! This is a great pic, really great job.

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