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spc in silver

2006-08-9 @ 7:43

So this is me in silver. After a year’s hiatus, I going back to jewellery making, slowly. By learning patience first. Ever tried sawing 1/16″ thick silver in a straight line? That’s a good zen exercise. And after all is done, you have to tackled the boredom and tediousness of polishing. But everything else is SO fun!!

5 comments to “spc in silver”

  1. I think it’s a great moody/smoky shot and also that it is great that you are getting back to something you love :) Good luck!

  2. Neat photo this week!

  3. This is a very cool shot. How neat that you make jewelry. I cannot imagine how tedious it would be to saw that thin of a sheet of silver in a straight line. Patience is not my strong suit.

  4. very nice! I have been wanting to learn how to make jewelry… they offer some great worshops here, I am not sure how happy i would be about sawing the silver in a straight line though…. My mind rejects things like that:)

  5. Don’t worry Georgia, that’s not all you learn in jewellery class. Actually, although I did have to more or less learn to saw in a straight line (and not break to many sawblades), I never had to sat a sheet. That’s more of a personal project ;-) And if you think that’s tedious, try soldering fifty 1/8″ rings…

    Seriously, when I was younger, I really wasn’t one for manual work; for the longest time I couldn’t even imagine myself taking such a course. Then I discovered that most of this manual inability was in my head (I convinced myself I couldn’t do it, and that that could never change). A few years ago I designed an engagement ring for my girlfriend, which another friend made (actually, she made the wax that was used to create the ring). Then one for myself. After that I figured I might as well make my own stuff, and took a few courses. Loved it. Even with the occasional tediousness.

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