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spc as a manipulative bastard

2006-07-21 @ 9:13

Le Bateleur

That’s what one of my dearest friend once called me, a few years back. She doesn’t mince her words (then again, she was a bit of one too). She’s never been shy of telling me when I’m being an ass. She’s a good one to tell you to “snap out of it.” It’s always nice to have a friend like that, who can tell you things others might be afraid to; especially when things aren’t going well. I actually sometimes call her just so she can give me shit — when I feel a good kick in the butt is what I need.

Not that she’s a bitch. She’s the sweetest. She’s always been there; especially these last two years. One of my pillar. After the death of her father, we used to call each other every day, you to say “I’m there.” We did a good deal of greiving together, in our own way.

So what does that have to do with the picture? Just as she’s always been to point out the good things, she’s always there to point out the bad side I have to watch out for, and acknowledge. We’re all, in our own way, bastards; and we all, at one point in our life, mascarade a bit to try and get what we want.

3 comments to “spc as a manipulative bastard”

  1. It’s a platitude, but it’s kinda true - the best friends are the ones who are honest. Like telling you about the spinach stuck in your teeth, but on a much bigger scale.

    Thanks for the birthday comment on my blog :)

  2. once my husband & I took a very old lady friend to a social event. She had a little dab of blood in the corner of her mouth. My hubby pointed it out to her & she said, “I know you love me because you didn’t let me emmbaress myself.”
    I never forgot that.

  3. “We’re all in our own way bastards” - I like that! so true. I am not good at hearing this about myself.

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