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» spc as a (hurt, lost and blinded) fool


spc as a (hurt, lost and blinded) fool

2006-07-9 @ 12:51

The Fool

I set it up.

I was foolish, blinding by unresolved issues. And ended up hurting and losing a very dear friend. I think Sartre got it wrong (big surprise there!) when he said “L’enfer, c’est les autres” (Hell is other people). Hell is mostly ourselves and how we cope (or not) with the hurt we cause and feel.

10 comments to “spc as a (hurt, lost and blinded) fool”

  1. something in this photo reminds me of John Lennon.

    I agree. Hell is ourselves, the miseries we create for ourselves and one another, and the fact that we have to live with them for the rest of our lives. We make for ourselves a prison of our actions and words right in our own heads and hearts.

    what does Sartre know anyway?

  2. That’d be a good question for Mr P. ;-)

  3. Great SPC entry this week. I really like that pic! :-D

  4. I have been in many hells of my own making and they are not fun. I hope you can make up to your friend, we are, only human and mistakes are common. Powerful SPT

  5. You captured pain/angst to perfection in this photograph.

    I do hope you and your friend can work through your difficulties.


  6. Beautiful pic….i love the composition, subject and texture!

  7. A beautiful photo and a sentiment I feel all to familiar with right now myself.

  8. This photo captures such powerful emotion.

    If I was your friend and I saw this portrait my heart would break in two and I would forgive you instantly for any wrong doings.


  9. Thank you all.

    As things are, for now, only time can heal either of us.

  10. Great feeling conveyed with this-

    I feel the hurt and regret

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