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self portrait challenge - glasses

2006-06-12 @ 7:16

For the second June self portrait challenge instalment, I thought I’d have a go at a classic Pop Art reference, except that here, it’s not the colours that change, but the glasses.


For some, it’s shoes. For me it’s glasses. Always (well, actually, no; I did spend 14 years without) wanted to have enough pairs that I could, say, wear a different one each day of the week, or choose which one to wear depending on what I’m wearing or how I feel. Took me a while too to really get started. I’m only up to 3, with two older ones I have to change the prescription of.

I know, it’s a bit frivolous, but, as a friend reminded me recently, we all should have an addiction. And why always wear the same thing? True, it’s a bit more expensive than shoes (then again…), but in a way more noticeable. Maybe another reason it might sound frivolous is that prescription glasses are primarly utilitarian. But they are attire too. A form of jewellery.

But there’s something important to consider. I’m not that near-sighted; I can see fine enough without glasses. So it’s not that difficult to see what they look like when I try them on. Still, I always prefer to have someone with me to tell me if the glasses look good on me (or, to put it another way, if I make them look good): after all, others will see me more than I will…

Actually, it’s not only glasses. I’ve taken to shopping with my friend for all my clothes (she really has the eye for fashion). In my view, everyone should have their own personal shopper.

Wow, I am getting frivolous.

3 comments to “self portrait challenge - glasses”

  1. This is very cool! When I get glasses, I will soon, I hope I can afford changing them.

  2. I can see clearly your addiction is a fun one!

  3. Your self-portrait is a very good one. It made me smile. (Stuff me in the shoe-a-holic category, though. I am a shoe whore.)

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