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Self Portrait Tuesday - Walking

2006-04-4 @ 9:30

This month’s theme is supposed to be “April’s fool” but I decided to be a little ironic about it. So this is a self-portrait of me walking in the nice April weather.

[Me walking]

Why walking? Because yesterday I gave up my car. Not that I didn’t like it. It was a great car: low gas consumption, plenty of room, not too noisy. It got me where I wanted to go. But the lease was ending and I was faced with a decision: buy it, get another one, or not have a car anymore. I elected to not own a car and instead switch to Communauto.

And it makes sense. The only time (except for short trips where I could also use the bus or metro*) I used my car was to get out of the city, and into my haven up north. So might as well just get a car when I want to get away, and that is what Communauto offers. I haven’t used their service yet, but it shouldn’t be long…

It is also a environmentally responsible thing to do. Makes for more efficient use of cars and forces you not to take your car when you don’t really need to.

* Yes, in these parts, we say “metro” instead of subway. If you ask a taxi driver to drive you to the nearest subway, you’ll end up at a fastfood restaurant…

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  1. good for you! I think this is a great way to get around, rather than owning your own car and all the hassel that goes along with. I had a friend who loved Communauto when she was studying at McGill, she thought it was a super way to have a car when you need it. I’d like to make the move at some point, but I don’t think there’s a system of this sort in Halifax. Too bad, we have a TON of eco-minded folks here who would love it, I’m sure… but for now, I plan on running my car into the ground!

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