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Self Portrait Tuesday - Epiphany Lane

2006-03-29 @ 8:38

Still time. Kind of a reverse self portrait: What I saw, at a special time of the year, my birthday. Every year, I take a long walk on that day, to take stock, to think of various things; and well, I like having a ritual (and taking walks). This year, I went to my glass-blowing friend’s place up North (where, as you can see, there is still snow left).

Epiphany Lane

This is the lane that leads to the lake, which has come to be called Epiphany Lane: it is a marvellous place to figure things out. Surrounded by tree, no houses in view (the lane is about half a km long) and as you go down, you slowly hear the sounds of the lake. I’ve had a few revelations (not in any religious sense though) there last summer. I think that in these quiet surroundings, you sorta stop thinking; and that’s when the answer hits you – which is usually obvious. So I thought it would be a good place to start this year’s walkabout.

4 comments to “Self Portrait Tuesday - Epiphany Lane”

  1. Afterthought: this goes well, as the last SPT of March, with the first one, seeing as the theme was time: about 9 months between the two, and two diffent seasons.

  2. Nice picture - sounds like the perfect place to think… which is, of course, what I like to do best…

    happy belated birthday - bonne anee! (I think that’s right, non? I’ll get better with French this summer when I take a 6 week course for the language requirement of my degree.)

  3. Thanks TG. And thanks for the link on your site.

    Glad to hear you’re taking French this summer. Actually, it “Bonne fête” (”Bonne anneé” means happy new year, which, it actually is, a new year…)

  4. Ah, yes - I knew that, somewhere in the recesses of my mind! I used to be pretty good with French, back in the day… but when you don’t use it, you lose it. I like the weekly feature, glad I could provide some inspiration!

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