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One-question meme

2007-09-18 @ 11:03

This one has only one question: how would you describe you current job (or any past job) to a young child?

Some are pretty easy, others quite tricky; a good example is my nephew’s parents: he works for Purolator, she’s a immigration officer. For him, it’s pretty simple: he’s some sort of mailman. For her, well, she told her kid that she helps nice people to come into the country and bad ones to stay out (or something like that). One of my friend’s kid said that what his dad does, is bring drawing paper home.

Mine is pretty straightforward: I take things written in English and rewrite them in French (or the other way around).

Back in the days I was studying linguistics, I used to answer, to people who were wondering what it was we did, somewhat cryptically: just like biologists study life, we study language…

So what about you: how would you describe you job to a young child?

What do you think?