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2007-08-21 @ 4:11

I’m not really following the Democrat presidential race (or news in general), but I hear there has been another Hillary-Barack debate a couple of days ago. Each scored points, each has their strengths and weaknesses, their failings, their appeal.

But what I just can’t understand is, if either would make a good presidential candidate for the party, why don’t they run together, with Hillary as President and Barack as VP. If both of them have the good of the party, and the country, at heart, why are they dividing that party? Run together and stop wasting everyone’s time. I’ll say that for Stéphane Dion (and only that), after winning the leadership race, he rallied his former opponents to form his council.

Just listen to electoral campaigns: when’s the last time you heard one of the parties say, about another’s promises, “Hey, that’s a good idea, we’re gonna do that.” If a party does that, it gets accused of stealing the other ones ideas. So what, if they’re good for the country?

Funny thing is, if Hillary gets elected, she’ll be the first president to bear someone else’s name instead of her own. I’m always surprise how people thinks it’s normal for a woman to bear her husband’s name. Why should she change her name? (btw, here in Quebec, we’ve done away with that 30 years ago). The only good reason I ever heard was so she would have the same name as her children. But so would she if their had her name instead of her husband’s (or both names), or if he changed his. (In Hungary now, either spouse can take the other’s name.)

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  1. good call. run together!! yeah!! there’s a winning team, I tell ya.

    since I was a very little girl, I have always maintained that my name will always be my name until the day I die. fuck taking someone else’s name, that’s crazy talk. change my whole identity, the very thing by which others know me, and indicate that I now “belong” to someone else? not likely. I belong only to myself.

    not that I’m getting married anyway. not a chance.

    I do know one guy I went to high school with who got married and they took each others’ names, hyphenated it into one that they both share. when he told me that I remembered why I had a crush on him in high school.

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