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Patterns of light and darkness, and a drink

2007-08-6 @ 6:18

This month’s SPC theme is “Patterns” and, for me, starting this month, the challenge is not only to do self-portraits, but also, every week, to come up with a story based on other people’s self-portrait. What can I say, I like a challenge.

So this is my first take on the patterns thing.

First off, you have to be pretty quick when you only have a 10-second delay. There was a bunch of people downstairs and when I saw their shadow, I just had to be there. I like the mix of the shadow play and the pattern on the wall.

This reminds me of a picture I took at a bar in Toronto this summer:
and a drink

(Don’t ask me what that drink was, I wasn’t the one drinking it.) That’s a very long exposure, there was almost no light. It would have made a great self-portrait (except for the fact that’s it’s not me) especially since alcool, bars, dating and loneliness are great material for patterns…

2 comments to “Patterns of light and darkness, and a drink”

  1. both photos are awesome…the second one has just the right amount of light…so perfect!

  2. Hi Marc Andre,

    how’ve you been? nice pics, beautiful play of light.

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