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Another morning spc

2007-07-23 @ 5:54

July’s theme, for the self portrait challenge was elements: Water - Air - Earth - Fire (the Chinese would say they forgot Wood, but that’s another story). haven’t the opportunity to participate till now, although I almost reposted this one of me at l’Île-Rousse, in Corsica, before vertigo took over:


(I would so go back there any day)

But I finally decided to have a go at it for the last week. My last SPC post, at the beginning of June, was of my morning environment, namely coffee. This is what comes before:

morning shower

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  1. Hi. Looks like we’ll be new contributors to Self Portrait Challenge. In an attempt to get to know some of the other contributors better, I’m tagging you and a few more for an easy meme. Please stop by my blog to play. -Rachel

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