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God complex

2007-07-6 @ 12:55

That was a strange place to have a revelation, but there you have it: it happened in a church. Although it would seem fitting that it was about God, it had more to do with logic than religion. My revelation, which I’m sure others had before me, was that God, if It exists, cannot be both perfect and interventionist. To be more accurate, we cannot have both an interventionist God and a perfect creation.

If creation is perfect, as some would have it, then there is no need for God o meddle with it, unless It’s bored and looking for something to do—but perfect beings don’t get bored. Then again, maybe his interventions are all part of the plan, which ipso facto makes Creation imperfect since it needs interventions.

I can only see three possibilities here (then again, not being perfect, my vision is limited – which is actually nice, since it gives me a good reason to wear kick-ass glasses):

  1. Creation is perfect and God doesn’t interfere
  2. Creation is imperfect and God has to tweak it from time to time
  3. God is part of creation and that’s why It intervenes.

4 comments to “God complex”

  1. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to worry about God so much. :)

  2. But it’s so fun!

  3. Interventionist dogma states that a perfect creation has been (and continues to be) corrupted by Satan and needs to be restored by an intervening God.

  4. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Then again, Satan is also part of God’s creation…

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