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Morning Coffee

2007-06-6 @ 11:11

To kick off this month’s challenge, I decided to start off with my morning environment: coffee.

Morning coffee

Last Christmas I got me this wonderful little cappuccino machine (although most mornings I’m too lazy to bother frothing milk, a task, moreover, which I have yet to completely master), which always leaves this rich texture on top of the coffee (which, I am told, is basically grease). Although I’m not much of a coffee addict (one or two a day), I really like starting the day with one; kind of a ritual. So might as well go for really good coffee.

6 comments to “Morning Coffee”

  1. That is an awesome shot! I really like the composition.


  2. hi ,
    Thanks for the reading tip, but mostly thanks for the moment in time past that you told me of surrounding the introduction of that book to you.
    My appreciation to you.

  3. Love this spt!
    Coffee is my morning “enviornment” as well..and lately espresso! :)

  4. génial!

  5. Vraiment bien le Self portrait challenge. Tu me donnes le goût!

  6. this is GREAT!
    love this and how your captured in a little bubble! hee.

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