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spc: 1984

2007-05-1 @ 7:44

This month’s Self Portrait Challenge theme is On the street. So here goes:

Surveillance picture

Surveillance cameras are everywhere (there’s supposedly 32 CCTV cameras around Orwell’s old London home); I don’t doubt their usefullness in curbing criminality (actually, displacing it and modifying its type), and in criminal investigation (then again, martial law will get those crime numbers down). What I find interesting is people’s reaction, especially the good ol’ “If you don’t do anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about it.”

This always prompts the following responses in me:

  1. we all do things that are not too kosher, or that we’re not proud of;
  2. it’s not so much what you think is wrong that matters, but what any of the people who have access to the footage thinks (just think of demonstrators against government policies);
  3. stop thinking only about yourself.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today.

3 comments to “spc: 1984”

  1. Very interesting take on this month’s challenge. It kind of creeps me out. You don’t really think about how often you are being surveilled. I’m sure most of the time completely without our knowledge.

  2. I like the literary reference, but this picture too creeps me out. It’s an interesting play on the blogging world too–how we expose ourselves in these ways, are willing to have strangers peer in our lives. And like it.

  3. Interesting parallel M; in both cases, we’re not too sure who’s watching. But at least, in the blogging world, we’ve got a say about what we show…

    15 years ago, I would spot most surveillance items around (mostly in shops, then). I gave up some time ago…

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