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Five Things

2007-01-22 @ 12:24 » Français

Well, this has been a tagging weekend. This time it’s Martin with five things you (probably) don’t know about me. Of course, some of you might.

  1. I’ve got a gold tooth. I lost one of my front teeth when I was 8, in part because of my nonconformist ways: it was winter and a big ice patch had formed in the schoolyard. All the kids were “skating” (in boots) one way, so I decided to go the other way; and crashed into my older brother (who, twenty years later, would admit to have done so on purpose – isn’t that what big brothers are for, teaching lessons to youngins). The tooth was cut in half, and so was the nerve; but what actually hurt was the cut on my lower lip by the broken-off part. For 15 years, I had a false half attached to the rest of that tooth (it was broken twice: once by another of my brothers, the other time by me). Eventually, the tooth was grinded off and fully replaced by a gold one, with ceramic in front, of course. Since then, I’ve develop the uncanny ability to recognize false front teeth.
  2. I like making books. Not just writing them, but binding too. I learned binding pretty much the same way I learned a lot of things: to taking apart something to see how they did it. Many years later, I actually bought a book on the subject (which was helpful) and now I’m thinking of taking classes. Some would say I’m going backwards about it.
  3. There is a hundred or so Smurfs in my apartment. Some even follow me when I travel (recently, Travelling Smurf and Pilot Smurf). Some were Isabelle’s (yep, she too had a thing for the little blue critters). Other came when we had our housewarming party and guests each had to bring one.
  4. I didn’t have a driver’s licence before 30. I had had the courses many years before, but never bother the get the licence. Two month after I got it, I had an accident (rolled over twice; the car was totalled, I was okay). I’ve improved a lot since!
  5. I like grilled-cheese sandwiches for breakfast, with peanut butter inside and salsa on top.

As for the tags, how about Jenn, Laverne, Mr. P, L>T and Loralee

8 comments to “Five Things”

  1. Quess what? I’ve already done that tag. Honestly I’m a little tagged out anyway.
    interesting things about yourself. Grilled cheese w/peanutbutter & salsa? That does not sound good.

  2. I should’ve researched this a bit more, you’re the second one that tells me they’ve already done it ;-) [the other one is in French]

    You should try it, it’s really good. You can also add fried onions. One of my wierd friend (aren’t they all?) who introduced me to this delicacy. It’s especially good on lazy late mornings in the country, preferably by a fire and with sci-fi on TV.

    The one thing I still can bring myself to try is banana and mayo. It’s supposed to be good, but I just can’t do it.

  3. AAHH! I’ve been tagged!! I have no idea what that means? Am I supposed to put five things about me on my blog?

    Let me know!!

  4. Yep, that’s exactly what it means!

  5. You can check out our blog: to read ours. Grilled cheese sandwiches with peanut butter and salsa. Are you pregnant? HA HA! Actually … that does sound pretty good. And well rounded nutritionally … dairy (cheese), carbs (whole grain bread), peanut butter (protein)and salsa(veg).

  6. You have to understand that I come from a place where we eat fries with cheese and gravy…

  7. ONE HUNDRED SMURFS? Holy cow. I used to want to be Smurfette. It would have been so cool.

    Actually, ALL of your list made me utter some kind of exclamation of one kind or another. These are perhaps the weirdest/coolest things I’ve read in a while. Think of the reactions you must get at parties!!!

  8. Found you via Thinking Girl’s blog. I’m jealous of your smurf collection! In my 8 things about me, one of mine was about my own smurf collection (12 as opposed to your 100!!)

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