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2006-11-28 @ 2:28

“I decided to learn Arabic,” he said. To which his son, who knew him quite well, answered with a smile: “So, what’s her name?”

Many years ago, I met this man of a certain age on the Munich-Salzbourg train, he was explaining how, to learn a language, you have to eat the food, smell the air and, of course, sleep with the locals.

You’ll find lots of language learning books, most focussed on travel. But what about people who want to learn a language to seduce someone? Isn’t there a “[insert language name here] for bed” collection?

Update: there’s one in Japanese for learning English: English phrasebook

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2 comments to “Tongue”

  1. makes sense to me…

  2. Russians have no word for sex.
    It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though.

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