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Bully Culture

2006-11-10 @ 12:23

It’s hard not to think of Bush as a bully. Actually, it seems to be the core of the Republican ideal, and beyond.

Push in line, build your building right in front of someone else’s, destroy a neighborhood, be a winner, a survivor. To me, those reality shows “teach” bully culture — that’s the lesson that is imparted — and that includes ones like Laguna Beach, which seems to promote backstabbing, lying, duplicitous behavior and entitlement — all in a world where no one works. (David Byrne)

Makes it kind of hard to teach kid how to deal with bullies, and how to not be one, when that seems to be life is all about when you’re an adult…

2 comments to “Bully Culture”

  1. have you read about that new video game called Bully? It’s about a bullied kid retaliating against the kids who make his life a living hell. They get their due, alright.

    I thought that might be relevant to the whole Bush-bully thing.

    I remember a woman who used to be a client said to me she hated Survivor because she felt it brought out the worst in human nature. I wish I was that strong not to watch it!

  2. I never got into Survivor. Hadn’t stop to wonder why. Guess it’s for roughly the same reason as that client. It’s basically competitive bullying…

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