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2006-10-9 @ 2:34

Last evening, the throat a bit sorer (it has become a good old cold), I dined at Chez Mémé, on their terrace by the sea: fish soup, wild boar stew and flan. The moon, almost full, was orange.

The view from train

The view from train

Took the train (no bigger than a bus) to l’Île-Rousse (“the red(head) island,” easy to understand why they call it that!). Two and a half hours, but way worth it: breathtaking vistas (each a postcard waiting to happen).

First look at the island

The town

It’s full of rocks to climb here, on the island per se, some spots give you willies. It’s hot; lizards roam from rock to rock; the beer goes down good. On the other hand, it might not have been such a good idea to buy cheese.

The lighthouse

The Genoan tower



Little house at the foot of the lighthouse

The lighthouse

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