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2006-10-24 @ 11:42

An Ontario judge ruled today that part of the definition of “terrorism” found in the Anti-Terrorism Act violates charter rights. Namely the section on “motivation”.

To which Mark Holland, member of the House of Commons standing committee on public safety and national security responded: “Motivation is a very difficult thing for us because it is difficult for us to understand why someone would want to do us harm.”

Mia fasz?. If you don’t have anyone in your committee that’s able to understand motivation (when there’s a lot of political analysts, sociologist, thinkers, etc. out there that’ve been saying it for the last 5 years), you got one hell of a problem.

3 comments to “Motivation”

  1. This would be one of the many times where polotics over-analyze a topic/word/phrase/issue TO DEATH.

    Use basic common sense, people.

  2. The problem with common sense, is that it is rarely used in such a case. Pride, patriotism and politics get in the way.

  3. True.

    (I also dig my spelling of “politics”. Oops.)

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