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One-question meme

2007-09-18 @ 11:03

This one has only one question: how would you describe you current job (or any past job) to a young child?

Some are pretty easy, others quite tricky; a good example is my nephew’s parents: he works for Purolator, she’s a immigration officer. For him, it’s pretty simple: he’s some sort of mailman. For her, well, she told her kid that she helps nice people to come into the country and bad ones to stay out (or something like that). One of my friend’s kid said that what his dad does, is bring drawing paper home.

Mine is pretty straightforward: I take things written in English and rewrite them in French (or the other way around).

Back in the days I was studying linguistics, I used to answer, to people who were wondering what it was we did, somewhat cryptically: just like biologists study life, we study language…

So what about you: how would you describe you job to a young child?



2007-09-10 @ 13:03

Yesterday, on Dilbert:


Continued here.



2007-09-6 @ 11:00

It never struck me before, but there’s a big “full of yourself” side to some superstitions. Think about it: it basically amounts to saying that some small action of oneself will influence the universe. Not that I think that we’re not having an impact through all our actions, but there are limits. To take an absurd example, “step on a crack, break your mother’s back”: I am so powerful, I have such influence over matter, that doing this little thing will cause great misfortune to someone dear.

Of course, we all have idiosyncrasies; some people need to always go out the same door by which they entered a room, or need do always do specific things in a particular sequence. But that has more to do with rituals, and their various benefits, than some force over which we have a strange kind of control. Could superstition be some sort of over-compensation, like someone with low self-esteem feeling the need to project a successful persona? It would be an interesting compensation mechanism, seeing as the person both has power through their action, but is also prisoner of that power and its rules.


spc: again

2007-09-6 @ 8:32

Had I known that theme was coming up, I would have save some posts for this month (here and here) Oh well. Although this might seem repetitive, I’m gonna go with another one of the morning shower:


I promise to be more imaginative next time, but what can I say, I’ve just come back from vacation and I’m still having a hard time waking up in the morning…