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The Spirit Survives

2007-04-25 @ 11:19

This morning, I woke up with this song in my head (hence the title of the previous post):

Such distance to the tips of the fingers,
the ganglion loom jerks inside;
the body grows steadily stranger
but the spirit won’t be denied.

That sharp halogen flash jars the eyeball,
the limbs pump in overdrive;
the body grows seemingly weaker
but the spirit won’t be denied.

Yeah, the ash-mark stands out on the forehead
as the vacuum sneaks up on the eyes;
the body becomes a constant traitor
but the spirit won’t be denied.

And they call that living a normal life,
but normality’s not standardised.
Though the body gets ever more root-bound
the spirit won’t be denied

Yes, the spirit survives.

This morning, I learned that the mother of a dear friend of mine is now terminally ill.


spc: such distance

2007-04-25 @ 8:00

… to the tips of the fingers.


This month’s Self Portrait Challenge theme is the body.


SPC: leg/bath

2007-04-10 @ 16:28

I haven’t done that in a while, take part in the Self Portrait Challenge. This month’s challenge is the body. This brings me to another thing I hadn’t done in a while: take a long warm relaxing bath, complete with beeswax candle and ginger soap (birthday gifts). Giving my body a break, my mind too. Feeling the soothing touch of warm water on my skin, feeling less heavy (after a hearthy Easter weekend).

Feels so good.