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Why God Hates You

2007-01-26 @ 11:23

Seems that it’s the season to be tagged. Here’s a wierd that has just come my way: List five reasons why God might be tempted to hate you. Doesn’t have to be sacrilegious (although it can); and no going for the easy stuff (because I don’t believe in It/Her/Him, I don’t go to church, I use Its/Her/His name in vain, I never pray, etc.). It can be a way to profess beliefs or admit dirty secrets. Make it fun, or deep, or both. Also, got to tag three other bloggers…

So here goes…

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Five Things

2007-01-22 @ 12:24

Well, this has been a tagging weekend. This time it’s Martin with five things you (probably) don’t know about me. Of course, some of you might.

  1. I’ve got a gold tooth. I lost one of my front teeth when I was 8, in part because of my nonconformist ways: it was winter and a big ice patch had formed in the schoolyard. All the kids were “skating” (in boots) one way, so I decided to go the other way; and crashed into my older brother (who, twenty years later, would admit to have done so on purpose – isn’t that what big brothers are for, teaching lessons to youngins). The tooth was cut in half, and so was the nerve; but what actually hurt was the cut on my lower lip by the broken-off part. For 15 years, I had a false half attached to the rest of that tooth (it was broken twice: once by another of my brothers, the other time by me). Eventually, the tooth was grinded off and fully replaced by a gold one, with ceramic in front, of course. Since then, I’ve develop the uncanny ability to recognize false front teeth.
  2. I like making books. Not just writing them, but binding too. I learned binding pretty much the same way I learned a lot of things: to taking apart something to see how they did it. Many years later, I actually bought a book on the subject (which was helpful) and now I’m thinking of taking classes. Some would say I’m going backwards about it.
  3. There is a hundred or so Smurfs in my apartment. Some even follow me when I travel (recently, Travelling Smurf and Pilot Smurf). Some were Isabelle’s (yep, she too had a thing for the little blue critters). Other came when we had our housewarming party and guests each had to bring one.
  4. I didn’t have a driver’s licence before 30. I had had the courses many years before, but never bother the get the licence. Two month after I got it, I had an accident (rolled over twice; the car was totalled, I was okay). I’ve improved a lot since!
  5. I like grilled-cheese sandwiches for breakfast, with peanut butter inside and salsa on top.

As for the tags, how about Jenn, Laverne, Mr. P, L>T and Loralee


Jenn’s Tag

2007-01-22 @ 9:50

Thinking Girl tagged me this weekend with this. This is not your run-of-mill list-X-things, tag.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Copy the following into a word file.
  2. Fill in the blanks and edit as desired or completely re-write (a one page limit is best). A little research on your own area makes it even better.
  3. Print
  4. Get a few signatures or just sign it yourself.
  5. Mail it. No stamps are necessary to the really big guns. Snail mail counts more than e-mail, so the extra walk to the box is worth it.
  6. Tag five people (on-line or otherwise).

7. Repeat as necessary.

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2007-01-17 @ 17:19

I know, it’s a pointless discussion topic, but I gotta vent. I’m talking about the banana. Well, not that actually, but the question of subsidizing art, and, more broadly, art’s place in society (which was the topic of a French post, a year and a half ago).

It all started with $64,000 given for a banana in the Texas sky, but went well beyond the value of that particular piece. I was talking with two colleagues and they didn’t approve.

Geosychronous banana

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fours and fours

2007-01-3 @ 14:27

I have, after a fashion, been tagged by Thinking Girl. Nice way to start the year.

4 jobs I have had

  1. project manager for an exhibition on language
  2. writer-editor
  3. translator
  4. web and new media manager for a government agency

4 Movies I could watch over and over

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. Life is Beautiful (there seems to be a pattern here)
  3. The Big Sleep
  4. Children of Paradise (best French film ever)

4 places I have lived apart from where I live now

  1. Quebec City
  2. Verdun, Qc
  3. La Prairie, Qc
  4. Sainte-Foy, Qc (yep, haven’t actually lived out of the province)

4 tv shows that I love

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Carnivàle
  3. Spooks (MI 5)
  4. Battlestar Galactica

4 places I have been on hols

  1. Toronto (a few days ago)
  2. Corsica
  3. Russia
  4. Spain

4 websites I visit daily (well, maybe not daily, but on days I spend time on the web)

  1. Dilbert
  2. Thinking Girl
  3. Relief
  4. mine

4 favourite foods

  1. Chocolate
  2. Stephie’s salads
  3. Indian food
  4. Mangoes

4 places i would rather be at right now

  1. Corsica
  2. Budapest
  3. Prague
  4. At my best friend’s house up North

4 people I am tagging

  1. François
  2. Loralee
  3. L>T
  4. Mister Pregunto