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spc with Stephie

2006-09-25 @ 19:55

Well, I’ve been spending the last few weeks far from the blogging crowds. The madding too, for a while. Off sick. I needed time with nothing to think about except what I have to work on. Grief. Life. Needed time with friends. Needed focus. Needed to rediscover a lot of things. About me and mine. I’m still working at it.

Arguably, this is not the best picture of me, or of Stephanie, which is understandable seeing as it was taken in a bar, after a vernissage (which is what we call art openings around here). But this is a picture I didn’t remember I had. I just found it on my computer while looking for something else. This is fitting since this is a friend that has recently come back into my life.

With Stephanie

Stephie is the friend I thought I had lost. Things are still shaky, but we are both glad to have the other as a friend. Although we had, briefly, met a year or two before, we really got to know each other two years ago. Talking recently, we noticed that one of the things that brought us together was that we both felt uprooted. My fiancée was in the hospital (and, although I didn’t know it then, would not make it) and she had just moved to a city she didn’t know, where people spoke a different language, far from most of her friends.

Until we fell apart a few months ago, I hadn’t realized how much she meant to me. She is one of the rocks on which I can lean for support when things get rough. The kind of person you’re forever grateful is in your life.

She is sweet (unlike her cat who can be a mean mo-fo) and has a child-like view of life that hides a surprising lucidity. She’s very aware. Which, I guess, can feel threatening for some people. Well, she might not be always easy to deal with, but then again, who is?
I guess “One in a million” would be the best way to describe her. And, she gets my Simpsons refences!


Another sort of web

2006-09-23 @ 17:06

Spider's web


Nobody suspects the butterfly

2006-09-23 @ 17:05



Wednesday Linguistics: Change

2006-09-13 @ 9:49

Languages change. That is no big revelation. It is most obvious in the way words and their meaning change. Some words don’t mean what they used to, don’t describe the same reality they did some years ago. New words pop up all the time, old ones becomes obsolete. I read in a recent article that the last few years, what with the Internet and all, had seen an unprecedented influx of new words and expression. The last big one having been Shakespeare. Well, that is less true than it sounds – it would be more accurate to say that a greater number new words have been recorded than in any previous period. One has to remember that language is primarily spoken, not written (in fact, most of the world’s language are not written). Some of what Bill was the first one to write down had probably been around for a while. Same thing now; although it is true that today’s new realities allows a greater creation of new words, some of what is being now recorded comes from dialects or idiolects that have been around for some time.

But that’s not the only way that languages change. Of course not. The sounds of the language are also affected. This is easy to see in languages that have been written for many centuries; words that were first written phonetically are now pronounced in a different manner than what their letters suggest. Words are also shortened, abbreviated, like taxi cab for a taximeter cabriolet. Regarding this aspect of language evolution, we are often presented with the principle of least effort: it’s easier to drop part of words, or to pronounce things this or that way.

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Paper trail

2006-09-12 @ 19:13

Part of Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


spc with Chris

2006-09-12 @ 12:56

This picture was taken last year, at my haven in the Norh. The one sticking her tongue out is Christina, one of my dearest friend. We helped each other a lot through many dark days. We met as roommates, some years ago and it took some time before we became comfortable with each other (we both have a shy streak)

With Chris

Actually, this firendship was built quietly; we spent most of the first couple of years in front of the TV: that was our catalyst. We got to know each other in part by commenting (and bitching about) what we watched. It helped that we have similar taste and the many of the same cultural references (for instance, she’s the only person I know who remembers Jon-Erik Hexum and is reminded of that Boomtown Rats song everytime she hears about someone going postal).

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spc with Isabelle

2006-09-5 @ 10:33

The Self Portrait Challenge for this month is “with someone”. Someone special, meaningful to my life. This would have been a picture of me with Isabelle.

with Isabelle

Isabelle passed away in November 2004, nearly two years ago. Lately, I’ve been feeling the loss a lot. Took myself off work for a few weeks while I struggle with this new phase of grief, with this pain. As someone once said, it is never over, it just gets easier.

I took this picture in the living room of our appartment; we lived here for three years, we chose this place together. I must confess that I rarely go to the cemetery. This is where I feel closest to her, not by a stone where her ashes are buried. I feel she is with me in this appartment; not as a ghost or spirit, but as a part of my life. There are so many memories we used to share that only I have now. She opened my life to new worlds. She was life. She lived to create, to give, to help. There are so many things I would like to say about her, but, these days, it is so very difficult.

She is gone. And those of us who knew her can only carry on her legacy and keep her memory alive.

(p.s. yes, those are smurfs; both of us always had this childish side to us).