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Gene linguistics

2006-06-2 @ 8:22

Quick note about a Nature newsblog post which offers an interesting parallel between inflexional languages (like Finnish) and genes.

The order of genes on a chromosome seems to matter less than their context and the DNA suffixes that surround them: elements that flag the start of a gene and help control its activity, enhancers and repressors that likewise influence expression, and not forgetting the epigenetic codes that add meaning and depth to the sequence of genetic letters.

Actually, this behaviour of genes does not surprise me. It is a very good way to compress information in a small packet. As language does.



2006-06-1 @ 16:18

This was the scene yesterday in Montreal.


Taking over the world

2006-06-1 @ 13:17

Seems that military takeovers are no longer the purview of nations:

Over the past six weeks a Western security force has effectively taken over the small African nation of Namibia. A beach resort in Langstrand in Western Namibia has been sealed off with security cordons, and armed security personnel have been keeping both local residents and visiting foreigners at bay. A no-fly zone has been enforced over part of the country. The Westerners have also demanded that the Namibian government severely restrict the movement of journalists into and out of Namibia. The government agreed and, in a move described by one human rights organisation as ‘heavy-handed and brutal,’ banned certain reporters from crossing its borders.

All this for what, actually, for who? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. More here.

Via 3quarksdaily