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self portrait challenge - intro

2006-05-9 @ 12:42

This month’s Self Portrait Challenge is: Introduce Yourself.

Me at the lake - again

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2006-05-4 @ 7:53

With Spring here, I felt a bit of change was in order. Lighten up the place. (And it’s so easy with CSS.)




2006-05-3 @ 12:13

Well, TV turn-off week was pretty much a success for me. My friend and I actually spent more time talking (about meaningful things too). Thing is, I made the mistake, afterward, of renting the first two episodes of the third season of Spooks (a.k.a. MI-5). Damn, I’m hooked again. In a way, it’s a good thing they only have 10 episode to a season.


Wednesday Linguistics: Data

2006-05-3 @ 9:43

Many of you probably don’t know this, but linguists like to make up data. Maybe not all of them, but some mainstream theories really go for that sort of thing, especially in syntax. I was reminded of this recently by a post by The Language Guy.

To me, coming for a “hard” science (or, as one of my profs put it, “inhumanities”), this is ridiculous. Sure, as speakers of the language, we can make examples up. No problem with that. But it’s when linguists start making up examples of ungrammatical utterances that things go bad. Most just rely on their own (or a very few people’s) intuition to see if what they wrote works or not. They don’t bother looking it is actually said or not.

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