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2006-02-23 @ 15:05

Two recent articles in Le Devoir got me (and others) thinking about autism. The first one was an interview with Michelle Dawson, the second a presentation of recent research results. It was as if these articles were answering CPU’s call to work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Actually, the gist of it was that people with autism are differently intelligent (in the good sense of the expression), not less. That we shouldn’t try to convert them into “typicals”.

One of the biggest challenges of autism has to do with interaction, with the interface with others, as it were. And a good deal of that is reflected in the relation to language.

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Cognitio 2006

2006-02-13 @ 14:05

A little bit of publicity…
There is currently a call for papers for the Cognitio 2006 conference, to be held at the UQÀM August 19 to 21, under the theme Beyond the brain: embodied, situated & distributed cognition.
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I don’t remember, I don’t recall

2006-02-3 @ 14:44

Éliane’s blog led me this morning to an article in La Presse about an “amnesia pill.” An article about the same study can also be found on the AP wire. Happily this one’s title refers to easing traumatic memories, and not erasing them. There was also a New Scientist article last month about the research done at Harvard, on which there had been discussed in the university Gazette in March 2004. Almost old news.

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