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2006-05-27 @ 19:55

Well, faithful reader, you will have noticed that I haven’t been very productive these last few weeks. Fatigue I guess. Which is why a took a week’s vacation, far from (almost) everything, even the Internet, here. Nice environment to think a bit, or not. Although I would have like to take more time (couldn’t, have a seminar for my coworkers I’m suppose to co-facilitate), and gone a bit farther (like Corsica or Prague), a week is enough for a bit of cleaning up one’s life.

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2006-04-17 @ 11:40

As a follow up to the last post, my friend introduced me to the work of Craig Marshall, including his award-winning Touch Me Now.


Worth more than a look

2006-02-3 @ 15:10

Martin at Zeroseconde was kind enough to share this discovery with the rest of us: ashes and snow. An incredible online photo exhibition from Gregory Colbert, full of beauty and poetry.

Enough said, go see it.