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2007-02-23 @ 9:02

Couldn’t help reproducing Karli’s (mom on a wire) wonderful . She recently underwent ankle surgery.



2007-02-21 @ 12:30

Street dancers by Denis Darzacq, Agence Vu

This is one of the winners of the 2007 annual World Press Photo


spc with Stephie

2006-09-25 @ 19:55

Well, I’ve been spending the last few weeks far from the blogging crowds. The madding too, for a while. Off sick. I needed time with nothing to think about except what I have to work on. Grief. Life. Needed time with friends. Needed focus. Needed to rediscover a lot of things. About me and mine. I’m still working at it.

Arguably, this is not the best picture of me, or of Stephanie, which is understandable seeing as it was taken in a bar, after a vernissage (which is what we call art openings around here). But this is a picture I didn’t remember I had. I just found it on my computer while looking for something else. This is fitting since this is a friend that has recently come back into my life.

With Stephanie

Stephie is the friend I thought I had lost. Things are still shaky, but we are both glad to have the other as a friend. Although we had, briefly, met a year or two before, we really got to know each other two years ago. Talking recently, we noticed that one of the things that brought us together was that we both felt uprooted. My fiancée was in the hospital (and, although I didn’t know it then, would not make it) and she had just moved to a city she didn’t know, where people spoke a different language, far from most of her friends.

Until we fell apart a few months ago, I hadn’t realized how much she meant to me. She is one of the rocks on which I can lean for support when things get rough. The kind of person you’re forever grateful is in your life.

She is sweet (unlike her cat who can be a mean mo-fo) and has a child-like view of life that hides a surprising lucidity. She’s very aware. Which, I guess, can feel threatening for some people. Well, she might not be always easy to deal with, but then again, who is?
I guess “One in a million” would be the best way to describe her. And, she gets my Simpsons refences!


Another sort of web

2006-09-23 @ 17:06

Spider's web


Nobody suspects the butterfly

2006-09-23 @ 17:05