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spc: again

2007-09-6 @ 8:32

Had I known that theme was coming up, I would have save some posts for this month (here and here) Oh well. Although this might seem repetitive, I’m gonna go with another one of the morning shower:


I promise to be more imaginative next time, but what can I say, I’ve just come back from vacation and I’m still having a hard time waking up in the morning…


Patterns of light and darkness, and a drink

2007-08-6 @ 18:18

This month’s SPC theme is “Patterns” and, for me, starting this month, the challenge is not only to do self-portraits, but also, every week, to come up with a story based on other people’s self-portrait. What can I say, I like a challenge.

So this is my first take on the patterns thing.

First off, you have to be pretty quick when you only have a 10-second delay. There was a bunch of people downstairs and when I saw their shadow, I just had to be there. I like the mix of the shadow play and the pattern on the wall.

This reminds me of a picture I took at a bar in Toronto this summer:
and a drink

(Don’t ask me what that drink was, I wasn’t the one drinking it.) That’s a very long exposure, there was almost no light. It would have made a great self-portrait (except for the fact that’s it’s not me) especially since alcool, bars, dating and loneliness are great material for patterns…


Another morning spc

2007-07-23 @ 17:54

July’s theme, for the self portrait challenge was elements: Water - Air - Earth - Fire (the Chinese would say they forgot Wood, but that’s another story). haven’t the opportunity to participate till now, although I almost reposted this one of me at l’Île-Rousse, in Corsica, before vertigo took over:


(I would so go back there any day) Continue reading »


Morning Coffee

2007-06-6 @ 11:11

To kick off this month’s challenge, I decided to start off with my morning environment: coffee.

Morning coffee

Last Christmas I got me this wonderful little cappuccino machine (although most mornings I’m too lazy to bother frothing milk, a task, moreover, which I have yet to completely master), which always leaves this rich texture on top of the coffee (which, I am told, is basically grease). Although I’m not much of a coffee addict (one or two a day), I really like starting the day with one; kind of a ritual. So might as well go for really good coffee.


spc: Main concourse

2007-05-28 @ 16:00

A second self-portrait in NYC, this time inside the main concourse of Grand Central Station.

We did a lot of walking that day, and took a lot of pictures. I’ll try and post some, as well as my impressions in the coming days.


Grand Central Station

2007-05-25 @ 13:42


SPC: Struttin’

2007-05-25 @ 12:26

Got to New York (for the first time in my life) last Saturday Night, only to learn that we would be staying in the Brooklyn neighborhood were they filmed, 30 years earlier, Saturday Night Fever. I just had to do it: go strutting on 86th

strutting on 86th
(The SPC theme this month is On the Street)


spc: 1984

2007-05-1 @ 7:44

This month’s Self Portrait Challenge theme is On the street. So here goes:

Surveillance picture

Surveillance cameras are everywhere (there’s supposedly 32 CCTV cameras around Orwell’s old London home); I don’t doubt their usefullness in curbing criminality (actually, displacing it and modifying its type), and in criminal investigation (then again, martial law will get those crime numbers down). What I find interesting is people’s reaction, especially the good ol’ “If you don’t do anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about it.”

This always prompts the following responses in me:

  1. we all do things that are not too kosher, or that we’re not proud of;
  2. it’s not so much what you think is wrong that matters, but what any of the people who have access to the footage thinks (just think of demonstrators against government policies);
  3. stop thinking only about yourself.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today.


spc: such distance

2007-04-25 @ 8:00

… to the tips of the fingers.


This month’s Self Portrait Challenge theme is the body.


SPC: leg/bath

2007-04-10 @ 16:28

I haven’t done that in a while, take part in the Self Portrait Challenge. This month’s challenge is the body. This brings me to another thing I hadn’t done in a while: take a long warm relaxing bath, complete with beeswax candle and ginger soap (birthday gifts). Giving my body a break, my mind too. Feeling the soothing touch of warm water on my skin, feeling less heavy (after a hearthy Easter weekend).

Feels so good.