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Mia fasz!

2006-07-18 @ 8:08

It’s confirmed, our Exterior Affaires department couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

First there was the head of an international organization (the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) who is stripped search, with no regard with his diplomatic status (I guess it was his fault for being black), and the Government won’t issue an apology.

Now, an entire Canadian family is killed in Lebanon, and the Department can’t even be bothered to call the bereaved. Apparently, the procedures manual doesn’t say they should (plus, they came from there originally, so they’re part of the bad guys).


Habeas corpus

2006-06-10 @ 14:21

Seventeen alleged terrorists on the verge of terrorizing Ottawa and Toronto were recently arrested. Front page news, panic (”you now have a reason to be frighten”), intolerance. Something bothers in this story. Sure, the people who were arrested could be terrorists, that’s not the problem. The problem is all this hype.

Following the 9/11 attacks, Canada suspended the Habeas corpus. The oldest common law), it is the rule according to which an accused has the right to a fair trial and to confront and challenge the evidence against him. There are currently five people stuck in prison without trials, under “security certificates” (by which the writ of Habeas corpus is dismissed).

According to the anti-terrorist rationale of the governemnt, if the danger posed by the Toronto group was clear and present, shouldn’t they have simply been thrown in jail? Or did the government need a publicity stunt to sprinkle a bit of fear in the population, so certain actions be more favourably looked upon? Bush used that a lot: he raised the threat level every time his popularity droped — until one of his own advisered publicly resigned in protest.